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This installation is my attempt to explain the brain using non verbal language. The internal processes that occur within the brain are complex and at the forefront of society today. As awareness for mental illness continues to grow, the understanding of the brain becomes more crucial. As depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD and other illnesses become more identifiable, diagnoses become more commonplace; people need a way to understand what they are going through in a language that is not medical.

The installation is created as a method to bring the internal processes of the mind into the external world. MRI and CAT scan data are turned into images that people can interact with using alternative interfaces. An IPad Air displays a touch interface that can be used to select one of the four regions of the cerebrum. Each setting is a representation of the several states of data processing that may occur from individual to individual or moment to moment. Some visuals may seem normal, but at times the graphic information will show the images in a state that is not true to the natural world. The viewer is able to choose a thought mode that appeals to them. Accompanying the touch interface is a 3-dimensional brain. The brain made of satin is rigged with three capacitive touch sensors that control video rate. The aluminum sensors are positioned to follow the path that nerve signals are sent through the brain stem.  The LED lights surrounding the brain are symbolic of brain scanning equipment and change display settings as they are moved. The vibrant colors reflect off the satin brain surface, much like how I imagine a brain lights up with signals.