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I chose the cicada because it's one of the creatures that stood out from my childhood. The sound of the cicada is the memorial sound of summer, and spans across many cultures. It is a sound that promotes unity, and can only be created by it, which is the purpose of the interface.

The Cicada is a plush that houses a force sensor connected to a microcontroller. The microcontroller connects to a processor or computer, and sends numbers. Its purpose is to eliminate cognitive dissonance between modern life and ecology/environment. When it’s left alone, an ambient nature sound plays and a video plays of scenes from human daily life, as well as insect daily life. When the cicada is handled gently, the cicada mating call begins to play, the led eyes flash, and the video becomes manipulated by the sensor values. If it is handled too forcefully, the cicada sounds a distress call, and the bug has a symbolic death resulting in an atomic explosion on screen.